Of People & Places

  1. We Talked to the Sea

    2019-01-29 14:12:48 UTC

  2. Eddie Adams Workshop ii

    2018-06-19 21:43:23 UTC
    Oh nooooo I just lost my text. Anyway. This was the second time applying to Eddie Adams! I wasn’t successful the first time (that’s ok!) BUT this time around I tried really hard. My friend helped me with the writing and my mentor helped me out like completely! He told…

  3. gin, orange juice & long exposure

    2016-09-24 16:07:00 UTC
    “Tim, should I go out and take photos of the sunset”. I guess the answer was yes. I decided to have a really fun play with long exposure. I never really got into it, but I had a little bit too much gin and orange juice.  Taken & edited while…

  4. city of dreams

    2016-08-27 17:03:21 UTC

  5. Eddie Adams Workshop Portfolio

    2016-08-27 15:32:00 UTC
    I submitted to the Eddie Adams workshop! I spent a long time refining and refining my portfolio as I knew it was very competitive to get in - they only accepted 10 internationals! O_O! So my chances were slim! Unfortunately I didn’t get in…but I’ve got one more year to…

  6. Melbourne Sunset

    2016-08-21 06:39:00 UTC
    A friend tweeted about a sunset, so I went out to see it for myself :)

  7. Melbourne

    2015-11-27 04:35:00 UTC

  8. Geometry

    2015-11-27 04:30:00 UTC

  9. Daylesford

    2015-11-27 04:22:00 UTC

  10. American Roadside II

    2015-11-24 17:41:00 UTC
    Coloured Pictures from LA -> Santa Monica

  11. American Roadside (B&W)

    2015-11-24 17:30:00 UTC
    I was lucky enough to go to Santa Barbara for a game jam about Ecology. I caught the bus from LA to Santa Monica and here are some of the sites along the way.